Nipsey Hussle's sister guards her daughter's custody, Baby Mama pissed


Nipsey Hussle

The sister guards the custody of her daughter

… Baby Mama pissed off

05/20/2019 15:19 PDT


Nipsey HussleThe daughter, Emani, will not return to her mother … and the mother is livid.

Tanisha Foster He was in court on Monday, trying to regain custody of his 10-year-old daughter. Emani lived with Nispey's sister, Samantha, since his death last March.

Nipsey's family was in court and had made contact with Tanisha, who they said was not suitable for taking care of Emani. The hearing was sealed … but another date is expected in July.

Tanisha's lawyer, Larry Lewellyn, tells TMZ that he is working with Nipsey's family on a visit program that will be in Emani's best interest.

As for Tanisha … she left the court crying and told us she was "pissed off".

We broke the story … Samantha believes that Emani's biological mother is unable to take care of the 10-year-old child, and Samantha played a crucial role in helping her grow up when Nipsey was alive. Samantha wrote in his petition who wants "to ensure continued stability for Emani and to ensure that he will be able to maintain his current and continuous relationship" with his fam.

Emani's mother, Tanisha, he burst into tears in court last week, saying he hadn't seen his daughter for months. At that time, the judge gave them about 20 minutes alone together.

However … Nipsey's sister may have a strong case in asking for protection. Tanisha has a mandate for his arrest at this time, related to an unstable DUI case in 2017. He also has a long list of raps with arrests dating back to 2006 and 2007.

Nipsey has another child with Lauren London – a son named Kross – but obviously he's with his mother. No problem there.


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