Nissan begins search for new boss

Hiroto Saikawa

The days of the Nissan boss seem to be numbered.

(Photo: AP)

Dusseldorf The carmaker Nissan apparently wants to start soon with the search for a new boss. According to the Financial Times give a list, with potential candidates to replace Hiroto Saikawa. On Monday, the board wants to set an approximate timetable for the appointment of a new CEO.

In addition, a nomination committee has been set up, which has been entrusted with the task of resigning the chief post, according to the report in which the Financial Times invokes insiders. Details of possible candidates are therefore not yet. However, it is said that the committee mainly wants to focus on Japanese candidates. According to the Financial Times, Nissan did not want to comment on the report. Also, there is currently no official announcement of the car maker that Sakawa is officially divorced from office.

Hiroto Saikawa was recently accused of having collected too much bonuses through trickery. Saikawa is said to have received erroneously donations amounting to 400,000 euros from an equity compensation program. The case is strongly reminiscent of the scandal surrounding its predecessor, Carlos Ghosn. The Japanese authorities arrested the ex-Nissan boss and charged him with violating the Financial Market Law and embezzlement.

After the arrest of Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn, the group is facing a serious crisis. The post at Nissan Peak is considered the most demanding job in the global auto industry. Since then, the alliance stands for the French carmaker Renault in the lurch – saving them had been one of Saikawa's main tasks.

In the first quarter of this year, Nissan had hardly been profitable. Operating profit shrank by 98.5 percent. In the wake of the drop in profits Nissan wants to delete around 12,500 jobs worldwide and reduce the model range.

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