Nissan Townstar is coming third to the party, there will also be an electric variant

The first was the Renault Kangoo this year, followed by the Mercedes-Benz Citan and the third to the alliance party is the Nissan Townstar. Compared to the mentioned siblings, the only thing that differs is the bow with a different radiator grille and logos all around.

The same is true inside, where the car in utility form can impress with the absence of a B-pillar for easier loading. At that moment, the bulkheads can be rearranged to create a screen between the driver and the load.

The interior differs slightly in utility and personal variants, attracts with connectivity and modern equipment elements, including an 8- to 10-inch touch screen in the middle, a 360-degree camera or elements of semi-autonomous control.

With a cargo space of 4.3 cubic meters, it offers a larger loading area than the previous model NV200, it can hold two euro pallets.

Under the hood, there will first be a supercharged petrol thirteen with an output of 130 hp and 240 Nm of maximum torque. As with the mentioned siblings, it will be complemented by a completely electric variant. The electric motor has 90 kW (122 hp) and 245 Nm. The battery with a capacity of 44 kWh will allow a range of 285 km.

Nissan is also counting on a novelty for the European market, arrival in the Czech Republic has not yet been confirmed.

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