No Arms, Wagner Group to withdraw from Bakhmut – NEWS 360 – WORLD

Moscow: Russia’s private military group Wagner Group has announced that it will withdraw from the city of Bakhmut on the 10th of this month, where fighting continues to rage in eastern Ukraine. Yevgeny Prigoshin, head of Wagner, said yesterday that the lack of weapons to fight the Ukrainian army was behind the decision.

Prigoshin accused the Bakhmutil Wagner unit of continuing as if it were doomed. Russian generals were also blamed for the lack of weapons. Prigoshin also said that the territories currently under the control of the Bakhmutil Wagner group will be transferred to the Russian army. Prigoshin, who has been accusing the Wagner Group for weeks of not getting enough weapons, blamed Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu for the casualties on his side.

The withdrawal of the Wagner group from the strategic city of Bakhmut, where the Ukrainian army continues to resist, is considered to be a setback for Russia. The battle is being fought here by the Russian army and the Wagner group. The Kremlin is not ready to respond to Wagner’s withdrawal.

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