No FPÖ mandate for Philippa Strache


Heinz Christian Strache's wife Philippa does not get a seat in parliament.
Picture: EPA

Did the Strache couple maintain a lavish lifestyle at the expense of the party? Because the FPÖ still has some clarification regarding Philippa Strache, the 32-year-old does not initially receive a ticket for the National Council.

DFor the time being, the FPÖ denies the wife of her ex-chairman Heinz-Christian Strache a mandate for the National Council. On the ticket of the Vienna FPÖ four candidates would move into parliament, but not Philippa Strache, said an FPÖ spokesman on Monday evening in Vienna. With regard to the 32-year-old FPÖ Animal Welfare Officer so far “there is still a need for information”, it said, alluding to allegations that put the couple Strache a lavish lifestyle at the expense of the party. There are still internal and external information to be seen. “Until then, Philippa Strache can not get a mandate from Vienna,” said Vienna FPÖ leader Dominik Nepp.

Philippa Strache had run on list three of the Vienna FPÖ. Due to the disastrous results of the election of the right-wing party on 29 September, however, only two deputies continued via the state list. However, a candidate could have made room for Strache because of his own direct mandate.



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