"No further delay if the agreement will not be ratified by 12 April", according to Jean-Claude Juncker


April 12th is the last term for the ratification of the withdrawal agreement between the United Kingdom and the European Union, the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, warned Wednesday. No new short-term postponement of the divorce date will be possible after that date, he added.

Short extensions are not possible

April 12 is the deadline for the ratification of the Withdrawal Agreement by the House of Commons"he said to the European Parliament."If this has not been done since then, new short extensions will not be possible. A & # 39; non-agreement & # 39; at midnight on April 12th it is now a very likely scenario. This is not the problem I want. But this is a result that I made the EU ready for".

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"We will work, Member States and the European Parliament, until the last moment to avoid a "nothing"Juncker, at a time when British Prime Minister Theresa May is seeking a compromise with the opposition in London Conservative leader meets Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn on Wednesday to find a compromise on how the country is going. will leave the EU after three rejections by the British deputies of the withdrawal agreement negotiated with Brussels.

"I believe that a "no deal" on 12 April at midnight has become an increasingly likely scenario"said the head of the European executive, with reference to the new Brexit deadline, originally scheduled for March 29th.

Ten days ago, the EU requested that the withdrawal agreement be approved by the UK parliament by March 29 to agree to postpone the Brexit until 22 May. "This was not the caseJuncker said, but said that the new plans in May justified giving Tuesday to Londonsome other day".

Avoid divorce without agreement

"If the UK is able to approve the withdrawal agreement with a valid majority by 12 April, the European Union should, in this case, also accept an extension until 22 May. "Otherwise," no further extension of the short duration will be possible"He insisted.

As all European leaders point out, for lack of a short delay, the only alternative to a brutal divorce would be the scenario of a long-term postponement, which the EU would attribute to many conditions.

At the extraordinary European summit scheduled for April 10 "We will listen to Prime Minister Theresa May to explain his intentions and we will decide the way forward"said Mr. Juncker, determined to avoid divorce without agreement."The only ones who would benefit from such a shock are the adversaries of a rule-based world order. The only ones that would be strengthened are the populists and the nationalists"he said.


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