No, German General Intelligence is not investigating giant order for Schott vials purchased by Pfizer

Question asked by Muret, on 01/09/2021.


Your question refers to comments made on Friday January 8 on the show Morandini Live on CNews by star anti-vaccine lawyer Carlo Brusa, who claimed that“three days ago, [une] The search was made because Pfizer has ordered twice 800 million glass bottles in Germany which must hold at -100 ° C. General Intelligence Police investigation into this issue: How is it that on November 2, 2019, Pfizer is already ordering vials for the pseudo vaccine, which today we are being sold as a creation made in a few months to come to save us ?” The lawyer, also president of the Réaction 19 association, which provides legal assistance “All legal and judicial actions, to sanction and repair all attacks against natural and legal persons following the Covid-19 measures”, said to rely on “Written evidence”.

Asked to know its sources, the cabinet of Me Carlo Brusa told us that “Given the workload of Master Brusa, he is not in a position to follow up” at our request. While looking for the origin of this rumor, CheckNews was able to find several posts on Facebook, mainly shared from December 31, the text of which stated that “The BND (Bundesnachrichtendienst, the German intelligence service, editor’s note) heard from the bosses of the glassmaker Schott whose headquarters and factory in Mainz he raided today ”. By following the thread of this rumor, we were able to find a first version of this text in an article published on December 27, 2020 (then deleted) by the site, which says to collect “Information as an alternative to propaganda information from traditional media” on the coronavirus crisis. The blog assures that the intelligence services also heard from the leaders of the German company BioNTech, which is at the origin of the first messenger RNA vaccine authorized in Europe to fight against the Covid-19. According to the blog, the searches took place because Pfizer and BioNTech ordered 1.6 billion ultra-low temperature resistant vials as of November 2, 2019, “Long before we hear about the Covid!”

Rumor denied

The information relayed by Carlo Brusa is based on unreliable sources and has been denied by the main parties concerned. CheckNews. Indeed, if several French-speaking Facebook accounts were able to share this rumor, CheckNews did not find a German source, neither in the press nor on covidosceptic blogs, which indicates that the German intelligence services have heard from the Schott or BioNTech companies in Mainz. This rumor only exists in the French-speaking world.

When contacted, the Schott company categorically denies this rumor: “We had no contact with the BND, and the first contacts with the pharmaceutical industry regarding the supply of glass vials for the Covid-19 vaccines only took place in 2020, when the pandemic began. hit Europe. ” A version consistent with the statements of Jean-Yves Grandemange, vice-president in charge of EMEA sales of pharmaceutical systems at Schott, who explains to Echos have received alerts from December 2019 and January 2020, and “Special requests to be delivered by 2021” large laboratories «from the months of February-March ”.

Even denied within the German administration, where a source replies that it is a “Fake news from A to Z. There are no investigations targeting Schott or Biontech”. Our interlocutor reminds that the type of operation presented by Carlo Brusa concerns two German companies on German soil. But the Bundesnachrichtendienst is by definition “The foreign civil and military intelligence service of the Federal Republic of Germany” and that he therefore has for mission “To collect and evaluate information important for German foreign and security policy and to make it available to the federal government in the form of reports and analyzes”.

Jacques Pezet


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