"No immunity with 20 bac": what happens to gold graduates?


"You could become President of the Republic!" This sentence, a bit childish, has been heard over and over again at the elementary school, college and high school. Almost every time they have pocketed the maximum score on their copies.

But in the end, what happens to these "well-made heads"? On the occasion of 2019 high school graduation results, we wanted to trace the course of many of them. But not only none of them: those who have won more than 20/20 of the general average in the bac, thanks to the various options.

Main lesson: winning the Elysee is not really in their priorities … with an exception and again. These young and old are heading towards the careers of senior officials or researchers. Portraits.

"I spoke with Jacques Chirac at Eliseo"


Sanjay Ramassamy, 31, graduated from Reunion in 2005.

Sanjay is the only one to hire her. Exceeding 20/20, "it was a goal and a dream", says Reunion, who is now 31 years old. Despite a 13 in sports and a 15 in philosophy, this graduate of a scientific baccalaureate has won a 20.3 / 20. In 2005, achieving such a result was exceptional, even more than today.

A week of media solicitations of all kinds followed, ended with an invitation to Elisha at the garden party on July 14th. "If I were under 20, it wouldn't have been the same. But it was incredible here. I talked briefly with Jacques Chirac, I think I was the only bachelor to have more than 20 guests. It was a pride for me and the My parents.

14 years later, Sanjay believes he has responded to the "high expectations" that such a note has raised. This son of a school teacher and an administrative agent has just joined the CNRS as a researcher in theoretical physics. "Of course, I had a little pressure. But, apart from a first year of HEC preparation, which was not good for me, I could do everything I wanted.

A student of standardization and doctorate at Brown University in the United States (a subsidiary of the prestigious Ivy League, ed.), He concludes by relativizing the importance of such a note. "When I arrived in Paris, people could perhaps label me as the boy who had more than 20. But he soon vanished. Everything is different when you arrive in preparation. We can very well have 16 al Bac and excel in preparation, and vice versa . "

"I didn't know what the ENS was all about"


Emma Loignon, 20, graduated from Guéret (Creuse) in 2014.

To go from the Creuse to the rue d Ulm in just two years, it would give wings to many people. But Emma is not one of them. Graduated in Bac S in Guéret with 20.62 / 20 General media and two years in advance, the young woman has just completed her second year of normality in Paris, after a BL preparation class (letters and social sciences).

Shiny and modest, she moves from one library to another without an established professional plan. With the preparation, he knew that now the "dirty notes" would sound. As for the ENS, "I didn't know what was at the beginning," he laughs. "I had no idea what I would do after the preparation. I thought I was going to college. I come from a small high school. I didn't go back to getting ready for the competition, just because I was interested," he continues.

Daughter of a nurse and coach of a rugby club, this silent force knows only how to dedicate her career to environmental policies. In a ministry or in a company? He does not want to "forbid anything". We can understand it.

"We don't have a totem of immunity with a 20 to the bac"


Vincent Perrot, 26, graduated from Brest in 2010.

This former private high school student Saint-Anne is less sentimental with his results. Certainly this 20.57 / 20 has come to conclude "a good time in Brest with his friends and teachers of great success in the literary sector". But the note remains, according to him "anecdotal".

Once it was in preparation, it was just a brilliant among many diamonds. "We are happy in the first few weeks, but it vanishes rather quickly. We are involved in other competitions. We do not have a totem of immunity with a 20 a bac. 20.57, 20.34 or 20.14 … You know, everyone had notes in those waters at Henri-IV We didn't have fun comparing.

Those who first wanted to become a professor of history or letters will eventually join the ENA after switching to ENS and HEC. "Another way to serve the state," he explains. "Even if the school is denigrated, it allows us to act on society. We learn at work, we see people. Whether at the Prague Embassy or at the Prefecture of Sarthe, where I participated in the yellow pre-crisis Vest."

The son of an employee in an SME and a school assistant, Vincent Perrot is preparing to become a senior official. In sovereign areas, if possible. Perhaps before entering politics? "You can never totally exclude one day from wanting to serve another, but it is not the natural outlet."

PhD student, green deputy and almost without signature


Pierre-Yves Cadalen, 27, graduated from Brest in 2010.

Like his classmate Vincent, Pierre-Yves quickly swept our questions on the bac – a simple "rite of passage", he says, despite his 20.07 / 20. Breton preferred to engage with his political opinions and concerns about the future of the planet.

It must be said that the young man has never hidden his taste for public affairs. He was enrolled in his first year at Sciences Po Paris … to be finally disappointed two months later. "I joined the PS section, but I soon realized that they were careerists without ideas," he laughs. Pierre-Yves will finally be seduced a few years later by the speech of Jean-Luc Mélenchon's Left Party.

Parallel to his thesis on geopolitics in the Amazon, the future doctor of political science has even challenged the last legislative elections in Brest. Result: a very admirable qualification for the second round, lost for the LREM candidate. "This political commitment allows me to restore hope and to compensate for what I see in my research", observes the activist who did not move.

"In preparation, it makes no sense to treat someone of genius"

Estelle Antibi, 20, graduated in Rueil-Malmaison (Hauts-de-Seine) in 2014

"Apart from the very good mention of my bank, I received no special reward." Estelle Antibi remembers lightly this summer 2016 where she celebrated this 20.2 / 20 out of trouble thanks to the Latin and European English class options.

"Whatever happens next, I already have this for me," he said to himself then. A belief that does not seem to have given up. Listening to her, the young woman never had time to take a big head. "In preparation, it makes no sense to treat someone of small genius. They were just exceptional people at Henri IV. Recorded for a year at the School of Mines of Nancy (Lorraine), Emma has been well continued for several years in the arenas of amphitheatres.Although attracted by the biomedical laboratory, the idea of ​​a double degree with Sciences Po next year proves it enormously. "I let myself be guided. I live my life as a student and when there are choices to make, I do them.

"Going to these schools, dragging my feet, I didn't care"


Hugo Jasniak, 18, graduated from Douai (North) in 2019

It is impossible to predict the vicissitudes of university life, but for the moment Hugo does not wish to cross the threshold of the grandes écoles. Its average of 20.32 / 20 he has not diverted his ambitions at least once. Since the end of the 3rd, this Denain native dreams of teaching the language of Molière in the United Kingdom. The return will be done at the end of September at the University of Lille in an English degree and then, if all goes well, in a French teacher.

"My teachers encouraged me to" aim higher "as they said. They told me about Henri-IV or ESJ Lille in journalism school. But, if it comes to mixing, I didn't care," says this older boy from a few hours. "The only school that tempted me was a Franco-British degree at Sciences Po Lille. But I can't afford it," he says, without the slightest hint of bitterness. Raised by a police chief and a maternal mother, Hugo does not adapt to any criteria. Too easy to qualify for a social status, but not modest enough to meet the criteria for access to the merit scholarship.

However, Hugo intends to continue his monthly escapades in London. This fan of Adele and Ed Sheeran has recently made excellent friends, actors acting in the famous comedy "Harry Potter and the cursed child".



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