No more cluttered with cables: Apple Wireless AirPod for 135 euros

Despite initial skepticism, the AirPods were able to convince many buyers to release: the headphones are connected thanks to the W1 chip integrated alone with Apple products, such as iPhone or iPad, without having to connect first. This process automatically begins at the opening of the case, where the two AirPods are stored and loaded.

The battery life of rather small pegs is quite long: in normal use, they last up to five hours of play at once before they finish the juice. But even in this case there is no reason to panic: the case quickly recharges the headphones and therefore offers over 24 hours of additional battery life. According to Apple, 15 minutes of charging time is already sufficient for three hours of use.

From the point of view of sound, it has not changed much compared to wired EarPods. If you are satisfied with the quality of the earphones, you will also like the AirPods. By the way, if you're still worried about losing your little headphones while you're on the move, you can be reassured: almost nothing causes the accidental exit of the fin from the AirPods, and even in case of loss, the app "Find My iPhone" displays them all in one Map your last known position Read more in our review of Apple's Bluetooth headset.

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