No more invincible division in Serie A Napoli 2:3 pours “meters”

No more invincible division in Serie A Napoli 2:3 pours “meters”

[Now Sports]Like AC Milan a day ago, Napoli experienced the first defeat in Serie A this season and lost to Inter Milan 2:3 away. Although he continued to top the list after the game, his opponent has narrowed the gap to 4 points. After Serie A played to the 13th round, there was no undefeated division. The top Napoli visited last season’s champion Inter Milan in this game. Although Ilenski broke the gap with a brilliant shot from the penalty area in 17 minutes, the Nerazzurri had already overtaken the score before halftime. Napoli’s backbone Gunibali fouled a handball in the penalty area. Inter Milan scored 12 yards from Hakan Calhanoglu in the 25th minute. Then, 1 minute before the end of the half, Chahanluo drove out from the left. With a corner kick, Pellixi grabbed a point from the front post and led Inter Milan to return to the locker room 2:1.

In the 61st minute, Inter Milan relied on a counterattack and then expanded the score. Odalu, Martinis, stepped into the penalty area, pulled the bow and shot the ground wave into the net, although Naples scored 25 yards in 78 minutes. A world wave, chasing to 2:3, but in the end they still couldn’t vindicate the defeat. It was also their first league defeat this season.

Although Napoli and AC Milan experienced a league defeat this week, they still have 32 points. The former continues to top the list with a better goal difference, but Inter Milan, who is in third place, won the battle. , Narrowing the gap to 4 points.

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