No more secrets. The star Haaland is said to be dating a beautiful soccer player

He kept saying that football was the most important thing for him. However, now Erling Haaland went to the market with a bit of skin. On vacation in Marbella, Spain, he showed up with a soccer player from his hometown, Isabel Haugseng Johansen.

Even though not long ago he jokingly declared that his girlfriends are the balls with whom he even lies in bed, the beautiful Norwegian is said to have been his partner for several months. They both grew up together in the Norwegian town of Bryne, where they played football for the local football club. So they have known each other for years.

In addition, Isabel also appeared at the matches of Dortmund and Citizens in the past, but the fans did not know who it was. “Isabel is well known in Bryn for her beauty. They always knew each other” a source close to Haaland told The Sun.

Erling has the world at his feet. And women are lining up to become his partners. But he’s a very sensible boy and it makes perfect sense that he’s with a hometown girl he’s known for years. He must be able to trust the people in his life and focus only on football,He also stated why Haaland’s selection makes sense.

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​Additionally, Isabel, who works part-time in a fashion store, is rumored to have deleted her social media accounts after getting close to the Norwegian soccer superstar. She has already re-established the account, but it is private. And he lists Manchester as his place of residence. Everything indicates that Haaland really showed his significant other in public.

However, he has not yet officially commented on the situation and is enjoying his time off. His Norway did not make it to the World Cup in Qatar, so the Norwegian can rest after the first part of the season. He shone at the beginning of the competitive year. He has scored 18 goals in 13 Premier League games, and has also scored five times in the Champions League, leading City.

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