no new excepted activities or exercise outdoors

The governor, Rodolfo Suárez, will maintain the same quarantine conditions in Mendoza as the Nation. This implies that from Monday they will work workshops, gomerías and banks, in addition to the activities already authorized, but nothing more.

The president confirmed that he will not ask for the flexibility of any other activity in the province, nor will he suggest that the isolation be more lax in a district or town in Mendoza.

Among the decisions of Suarez is even not to endorse the return of physical exercise outdoors. “The Park would explode immediately”, he assured during a press conference.

Suárez communicated this decision through his Twitter account and assured that they will continue with “strict compliance, greater controls and without enabling any other activity that is not enabled by the decree” of the Nation.

Suarez’s announcement

This was announced, following the guidelines from the Government of Alberto Fernández, who last night decreed the extension of the quarantine until April 26 and confirmed that they will analyze excepting new activities.

The Head of State spoke yesterday of gomerías, mechanical workshops that provide services to excepted vehicles. In addition, that banks will serve only those people who have obtained a previous shift.

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