No news of Carmen Fernández, missing on a CSIC oceanographic vessel

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At dinnertime on September 9, 2023, Carmen Fernandezwaitress on the CSIC oceanographic vessel García del Cid, He was at his workplace. He served the evening menu in the dining room to the embarked staff when They sailed at 20 miles -about 32 kilometers- from the coast of Gandía (Valencia).

The moment in which the ship realized that the woman had disappeared in the middle of the voyage was at eight in the morning of the next day, Sunday September 10. Carmen did not show up for breakfast service and was not in her cabin either. Maritime Rescue received the notice that a crew member was missing from the García del Cid at 8:20 a.m., from which it is understood that her companions must have spent 20 minutes searching for her without success, searching the ship. The García del Cid is the medium of the three oceanographic vessels of the CSIC: 37 meters in length and capacity to 14 crew members and 12 scientists26 people maximum in total.

We use the “must have” assumption because, almost two months after the disappearance, Carmen’s family has virtually no certainty about what happened on the ship before or after. The lawyer who represents them, Diego Leishas not even had access to the case proceedings. “It turns out that the Civil Guard passed them on to the Valencia court, which seems to have recused itself from its jurisdiction and has referred it to Gandía, where they have not yet received it or admitted it to give us copies of the proceedings,” explains the lawyer.

So they don’t know who’s statement was taken or what they said, what Carmen wrote exactly in the notebook that I used as a diary and on which the Civil Guard bases its suspicion that the woman committed suicide by jumping overboard or if Carmen had some incident when, at the beginning of the expedition, she coincided with the companion whom she had denounced for a alleged sexual assault. Everything is unknown at the moment.

María del Carmen Fernández Vázquez, 43 years old, married and mother of three children ages 17, 16 and 8Resident in Bueu (Pontevedra), got a job as a waitress on the García del Cid in 2018. A year after starting to work on the ship, in 2019, she went to the Police to accuse a fellow crew member of sexual assault. Lawyer Diego Leis did not take that case, so he does not know exactly what facts Carmen reported; and those close to her – her husband and her brother channel the family’s efforts to resolve what happened to her – do not want to expose themselves to the media. “The case was filed in June 2020. What the order says is that both parties had presented a joint brief in which they stated that a misunderstanding had occurred among them,” Leis conveys what he knows about the dismissal.

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