"No one is safe in Gaza: even ambulances are destroyed by bombs"

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Horror and death has become the daily life of the 2.3 million inhabitants of Gaza from the Hamas attack on Israel. About 30 foreign aid workers from Doctors without borders They help the Palestinian population and try to save lives while also trying to save their own. EL MUNDO interviews by telephone the only Spaniard who serves on this team, Raul Uncertisa 40-year-old Valencian who until now had not seen death so close, despite having worked in Afghanistan and more risky destinations.

Ask. What is the situation like now in Gaza?

Answer. It’s a horrible situation because the street is not a safe place at all. There is no safe place here. The population is being bombed without warning. And sometimes the alarms sound and a few seconds later you hear the planes and the bombs start to fall.

P. Where are the Doctors Without Borders staff?

R. Until Tuesday I was in a flat with nine other roommates, but the situation was unsustainable. On Saturday, after the Hamas attacks, Israeli bombs began to fall, some 300 meters from our house. The night from Monday to Tuesday was terrifying: bombs fell every eight or 10 minutes. I have never heard anything like them children’s screams of horror from the next floors every time a bomb exploded and the entire building shook. On Tuesday, they transferred us [a los 30 trabajadores extranjeros de Médicos sin Fronteras] to the basement of UN building for the development of Palestine. We slept on mattresses on the floor with other aid workers and United Nations workers. We are safer. But it is a frustrating relief because the population outside is not safe and continues to die.

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