“No one requires it.” A ZAKSY player with a weaker leadership position in the final

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Arkadiusz Dudziak
04 House 2023, 14:14

– It will be great if Bartek has 70 percent. effectiveness in attack, but no one really requires it. Nobody looks at him askance if he plays worse – says ZAKSY quarterback Marcin Janusz about the first weak match of Bednorz for a long time.

In the first final match of the PlusLiga, Grupa Azoty ZAKSA Kędzierzyn-Koźle did not resemble itself from the last few months. Jastrzębski Węgiel perfectly neutralized almost every advantage of the rivals. In the end, the team from Silesia won without losing a set.

– It started with us, we can play much better. The players from Jastrzębie-Zdrój did not have a weaker moment, single actions happened, but later they quickly returned to a good game. If the team plays like today’s rivals, then you have to focus on the next match – explains ZAKSY’s quarterback Marcin Janusz.

However, he adds that the rivals did not surprise them. “What you don’t expect before the game is their consistency throughout the game. I cannot say that it was a surprise, because Jastrzębski Węgiel is a team that plays at the highest level. Consistency, patience, not catching weak moments were the key to winning – he assesses.

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In the first match, Bartosz Bednorz presented himself worse than in recent weeks. The host in recent matches regularly recorded almost 70 percent. effective in attack, he also added important aces. In the first final match, however, he scored only 9 points with 40 percent. offensive effectiveness.

– We can’t expect Bartek to play every game like this. We have many other arguments. Of course, it will be great if Bartek has 70 percent. effectiveness in attack, but no one really requires it. No one looks at him askance if he plays poorly. We are a team, we have shown this season that the game can insist in the middle, on Łukasz Kaczmarek, who played very well on Wednesday – explains Janusz.

However, he promises to fight in the second final match, which will take place on Saturday at 14:45. The competition goes to three victories.

A lot can change in three days. Every game will be a different story, we will play at home. We will draw some conclusions, we will play at home. We are a well-built team that has a certain style of play and plays that have worked for most of the season. So we won’t panic and change a lot of things. We will approach this match as we would any match, and we will try to erase the Wednesday one – concludes Marcin Janusz.

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