No peace with this EU (Tageszeitung junge Welt)


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The EU can not be saved. Especially not with more military

Who saves Europe from rampant nationalism? On Sunday, demonstrations will take place across Europe, including in eleven major German cities. Under the slogan »A Europe for all – your vote against nationalism« mobilizes an alliance of organizations and parties to stop the march of the right in the EU election on 26 May. It is true that the continent is heading for a situation that the world knew from two previous world wars. Great Britain turns away, Southeastern Europe is impoverished and the “Berlin-Paris Axis” has seen better times. The flower dreams of a continental state have been destroyed, and the member countries are once again moving towards open competition.

But the strengthening of the nationalists will not be prevented by the European Union, because this is precisely where the shift to the right has its roots. A parliament that does not deserve this name resolves this dilemma without being able to do anything about it. He lacks the legislative power. Instead, it is decided in a few European capitals, above all Berlin, where the EU navigates. This means: extended workbench, cheap labor reservoir and advanced external borders for the FRG.

On Friday, Germany reported to NATO the largest increase in defense spending since the end of the Cold War. According to news agency dpa 47.32 billion euros will be invested in the military-industrial complex, an increase of more than five billion euros compared to last year. In 2020, the sum should then rise further to 49.67 billion euros. An “EU Defense Union” has to ensure that these enormous investments benefit in particular the domestic weapons factories.

Europe's future begins where German supremacy ends. Group Europe, on the other hand, guarantees more deaths in the Mediterranean and on battlefields around the globe – and poverty and misery in the broken-down countries of the periphery. To stop nationalism means not to make peace with this EU.


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