“No quarantine for business travel”


02.12.2021 – 14:280

Swismem says he is skeptical about the effectiveness of quarantines: “They will not stop the spread of the virus.”

For the association, commuting is of the utmost importance for the Swiss industry.

BERN – The anti-Covid quarantine obligations must be lifted immediately for professionals on business trips: this is what Swissmem, the association of the Swiss mechanical, electrotechnical and metallurgical industry is asking.

This measure will not stop the spread of the virus, the organization claims in a statement today. At the same time, business travel is of the utmost importance for the Swiss industry. The quarantine imposed on travelers is in fact a brake on exports, especially since the fourth quarter of the year is fundamental for the industry.

Swissmem proposes to the Federal Council to reactivate the exception arrangement for important business trips that cannot be postponed at its meeting tomorrow. If necessary, an obligation to test on return from abroad could be introduced, the association proposes.

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