“No reason for healthy adults to receive a booster dose,” says Alain Fischer

published on Friday 08 October 2021 at 13:08

The “Mister vaccine” of the government assured Friday on LCI that the immunity that the anti-Covid vaccine confers on those under 65 in good health “in terms of protection against severe forms remains excellent” and that they do not immediately need a 3rd dose.

A 3rd dose of anti-Covid vaccine first for the elderly and the most vulnerable and tomorrow for everyone? No, or at least not immediately, answers Alain Fischer while the Haute Autorité de santé paved the way for the generalization of the reminder to all adults. Although the circumstances do not “at this stage justify recommending the administration of an additional dose in the general population, (…) the HAS nevertheless underlines that the administration of a booster dose will probably become necessary during the months to come, “she warned in an opinion issued Wednesday, October 6.

“Today, there is no reason why healthy adults under 65 should receive a booster dose”, explained Friday, October 8 on LCI the Chairman of the Vaccine Strategy Orientation Council. “Their immunity in terms of protection against severe forms remains excellent. No doubt, one day or another, they will need a booster, but perhaps not in a very short time.”

On Wednesday, the High Authority for Health (HAS) had recommended “to widen the scope of the booster dose”, by offering it to “caregivers, medical transport and professionals in the medico-social sector”, as well as “the entourage of immunocompromised people “(people undergoing chemotherapy for example). A recommendation implemented by the government which immediately opened the reminder campaign to caregivers.

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Until now, the recall campaign only concerned those over 65 and those at risk, such as obese and diabetics, provided they had been vaccinated more than six months previously. This represents 18 million French people, to which must now be added some 3 million “caregivers, medical transport and professionals in the medico-social sector”.

“Among the population who had their vaccination in January or February, about a third had their booster,” said Professor Alain Fischer on LCI. “It’s not enough. The recall is important, because there is a small decrease with regard to the severe forms past six months. This booster helps ‘boost’ immunity. The first data indicate that this makes it possible to obtain a very powerful and protective immune response “, he assured.

The need for a booster dose is still the subject of much debate in the scientific world, because its interest remains to be precisely assessed for the entire population. Some researchers believe that it is more urgent to distribute doses in countries, often poor, where vaccination is not very advanced, rather than reserving them for massive booster campaigns where the population is already widely vaccinated.

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