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Nothing in the world can surprise this man anymore, let alone
      please, certainly not an award ceremony. Yes, it almost seems an imposition for one
      Makers of his caliber. It's the same picture winter after winter. With practiced
      Tritt an impressive appearance in front of three young people plants and stretches their
      Hand out for the medals. A massive fur wreath framed her head; the face stays
      inanimate, yes, sullen.

The ceremony, broadcast in millions of living rooms, does not make Gian Franco Kasper a popular figure. There is no book about him, no TV movie, not even a big newspaper portrait. He is the most powerful ski functionary in the world. He has worked for the International Ski Federation Fis for 44 years, 21 of them as President, and has been involved in the Olympic Committee for 19 years.

Now, of course, it seems that he still finds his way into the history books. If not in the desired sense. The media and the public insult him as a “wrong occupation” and “denial of reality”, blaspheme his “old-age arrogance” and demand “off to the supervised pension!” Co-workers, otherwise always intent on mutual protection, cautiously move away from him. Even a few athletes dare dismiss his statements as “gibberish.” Although they know you better shut up in their position.

The Shitstorm has brought him his interview in

, In it he speaks of “so-called climate change” and finds dictatorships practical. In the wording: “It's just that it's easier for us in dictatorships.” From a business perspective, I say: I only want to go to dictatorships, I do not want to argue with environmentalists. ” Although his fellow functionaries think so, nobody says so.

Now Kasper has always been more relaxed than his peers – to the delight of sports journalists. They did not just like his flippancy. They also appreciated his grandseigneurale gesture to renounce the counter reading. Some interpreted it as a sign of his trust. Others saw in it indifference: Kasper was anyway matter what was written about him. The Fis are not up to date? “It has never been, but we assert ourselves.” Too little innovation in skiing? “We will continue to drive from top to bottom.” Doping collective punishment for all Russian athletes? “You can not disqualify a Russian just because he has a Russian passport.” The fish? “A pig pile” and difficult to hold together. Meanwhile he prefers to use the expression “bag of fleas”. So also in this interview.

The view from his office at Fis headquarters goes far beyond Lake Thun to the mountains opposite; a lot of red clinker provides optically for warmth. On the walls hangs snow painting, in the closet is the usual Alpine souvenir kitsch, from carved to hammered. It takes less than three minutes before he pulls the first cigarette out of the packet. Role model as the top winter sportsman? His face warps in tormented boredom. He has long had the right answer ready. “Smoking is scientifically proven healthy, and every butcher knows that smoked meat last longer than fresh.”

Even without the legendary fur jacket its appearance remains impressive. “No fur, artificial fiber”, he specifies unasked, probably to avert further mischief from the left-green camp. In addition, the jacket is already so old, “that it almost falls apart.” By the way, there are only two pieces of it. The other is owned by the Swedish king.

Hard to tell if the shitstorm has hit him. His skin is too
      in nature thick; his eyes have always been so deep. Should it still a stir
      have touched, then most likely surprise. After all, he has been explaining for twenty years
      climate change as a normal “up and down” – and nobody was upset about it. Still last
      Year he greeted South Korea in the shaking minus 35 degrees Olympic visitors
“Welcome to the Global Warming!”,
and everybody laughed. And now – this hype. All
      Obviously, functionary god Kasper did not notice on his Olympus that on the
      Earth politically correct Recently, celebrities hang on a single sentence and to the track
      bring. This satisfies both their morale and their lust for murder.



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