No VR mode yet in DiRT Rally 2.0

Released in December 2015 on PC, then on PS4 and Xbox One in April 2016, the name of DiRT Rally caused a sensation at its launch offering an excellent experience in VR. However, things could be different for DiRT Rally 2.

DiRT Rally 2.0 will the players disappoint when they are available to the general public? The answer could be yes.

Indeed, our confreresUnited States player recently spoke with Christina McGrath, responsible for the Codemasters community, at an event in London in which we participated. An interview during which he announced that the camper's support it was not planned for DiRT Rally 2.0. At least not for the moment.

We focus on the basic game experience before the launch and then, if there is a request from our community, we will explore the possibility.

The mystery remains intact while the game's release is scheduled for the month of February 2019.


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