No wonder the 2014 Honda Jazz GK5 used car is a target, the price is only Rp. 100 million – Whew, deserves to be the target. The price for a used car, the 2014 Honda Jazz GK5, is only priced at IDR 100 million at the used car exchange (mobkas).

Yep, the third-generation Honda Jazz or commonly called the Jazz GK5 is on the rise in the used car market.

Many prefer the Honda Jazz GK5 because the design of the Honda Jazz GK5 is sportier and much liked by young people.

Many are looking for a used Honda Jazz GK5 in the used car market, because compared to the Yaris, the Jazz is more handsome and has more power.

The L-Series engine coded L15Z1 with i-VTEC technology has 120 hp and 145 Nm of torque, which is quite fast for the 1,500 cc hatchback class.

In the car market, the 2014 Honda Jazz GK5 is only priced at IDR 100 million.

The cheapest is the Honda Jazz type S.

So, those who are attracted to the All New Honda Jazz can enter it into the list of options.

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