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Nobel Prize winners issue a statement


Nobel Prize winners make "dangerous" claims about cancer!

The winners of the Nobel Prize for Medicine this year said they expect significant progress in cancer care in the coming decades, even if the disease is unlikely to be eradicated.

James Allison of the United States and Tasco Hongo of Japan made the final evaluation at a press conference on Thursday, December 6, days before they received a prize of $ 999,000.

They announced their prize last October for their effective work on immunotherapy: the activation of the body's natural defense system to fight tumors.

"The world will never be cancer free," said Allison.

"This assessment is correct for many cancers that can not be eradicated," he said. But there are many types of cancer that can be avoided by stopping smoking, improving diet and physical activity and increasing the rate of people receiving a vaccine for HPV.

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Hongo, who will receive the Allison award in Stockholm on Monday (December 10), said he expects immunotherapy to be used against most cancers, along with radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

It is also believed that cancer can be effectively stopped, even if the tumor can not be completely eradicated, while it survives some cancers.

Although immunotherapy is a major advance in cancer treatment, the costs are high, with treatments estimated above $ 100,000.

"Many cancers can be prevented entirely by simple lifestyle changes that allow us to concentrate resources on other species and control," said Shelley Toorogar, assistant director of population science at the Moffitt Cancer Center. Better. "

In fact, a 2008 study found that only 5% of cancers are hereditary, which means that 95% can be caused by influencing factors. According to the study, up to 30% of tumors occur due to cigarette smoking, 35% due to malnutrition and 20% due to infection.

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