Entertainment "Nobody is blocked for no reason"

“Nobody is blocked for no reason”

What does Daniela Katzenberger, 33, have against Pietro Lombardi, 27, Evelyn Burdecki, 31, Elena Miras, 27, Angelina Heger, 28, and Co? A question that currently concerns the “Instagram” world – and now half-sister Jenny Frankhauser, 27, is also involved!

Daniela Katzenberger blocks influencers

Is there a new network war on the horizon? It just seemed as if there was a little rest between Oliver Pocher, the Harrisons and other influencers, and now Daniela Katzenberger is causing a stir on the web! The reason: More and more TV stars, influencers and musicians are revealing that the 33-year-old has them blocked on “Instagram” have.

At first it was only ex-bachelorette Gerda Lewis and influencer Angelina Heger, meanwhile the list is getting longer and longer Evelyn Burdecki, Pietro Lombardi or Elena Miras can no longer access the cat’s profile!

Evelyn Burdecki on Insta blocking: “I don’t know her personally”

The reason: unclear! All blocked people have one thing in common: they do not know what Daniela Katzenberger has against them. Ex-jungle queen Evelyn Burdecki was already speculating humorously about possible reasons:

I think Ms. Katzenberger takes the virus too seriously. We should only be at a distance personally, but Corona can’t jump through Instagram. I don’t know her personally, but she also put a stop to me on her channel.

© Instagram / evelynburdecki

Elena Miras also says she has no idea why the cult blonde likes her blocked have: “Hm, we don’t even know each other. But never mind, nothing bad.”

More about Daniela Katzenberger:

Jenny Frankhauser makes meaningful hints

But not only the stars and influencers wonder what Daniela Katzenberger’s behavior is all about, but also the internet community. With “Instagram” the questions about what it is with the Blocking shaft is about. And even Daniela’s half-sister Jenny Frankhauser was already confronted with the question by her followers – and answered promptly!

Do you know why Daniela blocked so many other influencers?

a user wanted to know during a question and answer session and Jenny’s reaction could hardly be more surprising:

Haha, are only human. I say this: Nobody is blocked by us for no reason,

so the telling hint of the 27-year-old influencer.

© Instagram / jennyfrankhauser

So it seems that there is actually more to the cat’s profile blockages. However, the 33-year-old is still silent about what exactly this has to do with you …



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