Sport Nocioni, Wallace and a story must-see: "do you Know...

Nocioni, Wallace and a story must-see: “do you Know what that means that my son has from a hero to a white of Argentina?”

In your experience at Chicago Bulls, Andres Nocioni was a team-mate of Ben Wallace, one of the best defenders in NBA history. More than a decade of having a shared campus, the Chapu revealed a fun and intimate conversation that he had with Big Ben.

“He came to me angry and sat down next to mio. He used to talk very little and I didn’t speak much with him, but always were very respectful with the other. Then, told me I had to talk with me. I began to shake the legs because I thought that he was angry for something I did in a match. To steal a rebound to Ben Wallace was like taking away the lifeas to the type prácitamente paid for capturing rebounds,” said santafesino in an interview for the podcast Hi What’s Up How Are Youled by Nicolas Laprovittola and Germán Beder.

What I wanted to tell Wallace? “He told Me that he had met with his son and that he had asked who was his favorite player of the Bulls. He replied that Andres Nocioni. Then, he says to me: ‘do you Know what that means, your child will have from a hero to a white of the Argentina?'”, finished off the Chapu.

The situation was upsetting to Nocioni, who today remembers everything as a funny anecdote. “I was already white. The tipó had told me that his son had a white from Argentina as an idol. And, out of nowhere, threw two wild laughter. I had never heard laugh. I started to laugh also, but I did it more by the nerves than by their laughter or the joke”, he said.



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