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I did not know when my son and I left for our ride this morning that we were working in the spirit of Noel Edmonds. The TV presenter stunned viewers from I-Celebrity with his rippled physique, apparently. He says it is the result of exercising in the dark while playing electronic impulses. But is it really more effective to train in darkness than in light?

At 6:30 am on Wednesday, Lesley Waldron, a fitness instructor, had this conversation with her Wild Country Woman gym class at a park in Long Ashton, Somerset. Class-goers may struggle to maintain interest in the winter, but, says Waldron, "It may be surprising, you're more connected to yourself in the dark." Let's take dawn at the end of the lesson. The birds are starting to sing, the sun is coming in. There's magic at that moment. "

The Waldron class also enjoys "the element of privacy … They are not worried about the vacillating background or the red faces".

"If you want to sweat or pull funny faces, no one can see you", agrees Leo Savage, a personal trainer at the Third Space in London. This could explain the boom in gym classes with dimmed lights; at Barry's Bootcamp, they deepened the red to get it right.

However, Matt Roberts, who trained David Cameron, Mel C and Naomi Campbell, insists that "darkness does not change the way your body works." There is no physical benefit in the world. train in the dark instead of in the light. "

That said, he occasionally runs into the darkness and enjoys "all senses on alert … Exercise is a mental game, and if something makes you more focused, it's fantastic."

Wild, for example, who trained in the dark as a rugby player and now runs into darkness, finds motivating darkness. "It's almost a case of:" I'm one step ahead of everyone else. "When you go home, the light is rising and you've destroyed while everyone else is still standing up. In the evening, feel you're crushing the last of the day. "

Furthermore, there is good news for anyone in the UK who wants to try a dark training: in this period of the year it is not even necessary to get up early.



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