NOK 800,000 in fines for violating the weapons law on Svalbard – NRK Troms and Finnmark

It was during a search of two of the shipping company’s ships in mid-July that the illegal importation of weapons and ammunition was discovered.

Then, among other things, 50 weapons were seized.

According to them, the explanation behind why the shipping company has brought weapons and ammunition was protection against polar bears.

– Grave violation of the Weapons Act

Police attorney at the Governor’s Office, Magnus Rindal Fredriksen, describes the breach as serious, and says the size of the penalty reflects this.

– In addition to the corporate penalty, the shipping company had 37 weapons and almost 3,800 cartridges confiscated during the searches. In addition, NOK 130,000 has been seized, which corresponds to the value of a further 13 weapons.

It was a report of concern from the Governor’s Weapons Administration that led to the opening of criminal proceedings and the initiation of an investigation.

– We have skilled and observant case managers in the weapons administration who notified the police. This shows that the system works, says Fredriksen.

Destroys the weapons

The French shipping company has now adopted both the corporate penalty of NOK 800,000 and the confiscation requirements.

– What is happening now is that the weapons and ammunition we have seized will be destroyed.

The authorities recommend that you carry firearms to protect yourself from polar bears outside the city limits on Svalbard.

But the police attorney reminds that the Arms Act also applies to Svalbard.

– So those who are going to travel within Svalbard’s territorial waters have to follow the laws and regulations that apply here, and it is their duty to familiarize themselves with them.

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