Nord Stream explosions: German media find new trail leading to Ukraine

During the investigation conducted by the journalists of the German media companies NDR and WDR and the publications Süddeutsche Zeitung and Tagesschau, with the participation of teams from the Swedish publications Expressen, the Polish Frontstory and the Danish Berlingske, new details about the explosions in the gas pipelines have emerged.

Journalists once again drew attention to the 15-meter-long Andromeda yacht, which had already been reported during the investigation of the gas pipeline explosions earlier. Already in March, it became known that five men and one woman in 2022. At the beginning of September, the yacht sailed from the German port of Rostock. The ship was chartered by a Polish company owned by Ukrainians.

The last investigation helped the journalists to find out that this company is a Warsaw-based travel agency with more than 100 other companies registered at its address. It has been noticed that the company has not had a large turnover for many years, but in 2020 received 2.8 million euros. Journalists have so far been unable to find out what caused such a significant increase in income.

From 2021 September. a woman who is suspected of living in Kyiv is registered as the company’s president and shareholder.

According to journalists, she could only be a cover person, noting that intelligence services regularly use front companies to hide or finance their operations.

The investigation noted that German security services found another trail leading to the Ukrainian armed forces.

It is noted that some persons who chartered the yacht “Andromeda” and later went to sea on it, provided identification documents. Among the documents was a Romanian passport belonging to a person named “Stefan M.”, but according to the Federal Criminal Service, a person with the same name and date of birth was in Romania at the time of the sabotage.

The yacht was rented by a 25-year-old man who lives in one of the cities southeast of Kyiv. His name and surname are known to the authors of the study. His photos posted on his personal social media accounts show him as a young man, sometimes wearing a military uniform with a helmet and with bright tattoos. According to the investigation, the Ukrainian previously served in an infantry unit.

In March, Western media reported that non-governmental groups, which may have included Russians and Ukrainians, could be involved in the pipeline explosions.

In response, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said that Ukraine had nothing to do with the explosions and offered to analyze what actors could be behind this information.

At the end of April, information from military sources reached the Danish media that four days before the explosions, a Russian ship SS-750 was spotted near the Nord Stream.

May. A joint investigation by Northern European journalists has been published, which claims that Russian ships have been in the area of ​​explosions in branches of the Russian Nord Stream gas pipeline at least three times, one of them five days before the incident.

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