On Wednesday evening, Hurtigruten’s ship MS Spitsbergen docks in Tromsø.

This is also an expedition ship that has been on Svalbard, and they also have an international crew.

According to NRK MS Spitsbergen may not dock until Tromsø municipality knows that they have the capacity to carry out testing and infection tracing.

MS “Spitsbergen” is one of two expedition ships that Hurtigruten still has out on ongoing cruises, according to NRK.

Neither passengers nor crew are allowed to land immediately. They must remain on board the boat until everyone has been tested for coronavirus, and the test results are ready.

– Everyone is put in a form of quarantine on board the boat. Then everyone is tested. No one is allowed to get off the boat until the results of all the tests are ready. If someone tests positive, we must reconsider the situation around quarantine, says municipal chief physician Kathrine Kristoffersen NRK.

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