Norrie, the coach of Sinner’s rival speaks

The Argentine Lugones attended the University of Texas with the British, now he follows him on the circuit: “We are never satisfied, we always raise the bar”

When Facundo Lugones finished his studies at Texas Christian University, he was ready to work in the financial sector. Instead, after volunteering as an assistant coach on the tennis team, he had the opportunity to travel with Cameron Norrie, who left her studies in 2017 to turn pro. Almost five years later, the pair are still standing and Norrie is having the best season of her career. Lugones told the ATP.

You and Cameron met in college. Do you remember him as a freshman?

“He got along with everyone and he was very friendly, but also very competitive. His life hadn’t taken a definite direction. He was a very competitive person, it was fun to be with him. And he was also a great friend. He was a typical student. college … The thing that interested him most was having fun “

In college tennis, the older kids are always trying to help the younger ones. Did you do it with him too?

How much has your relationship with him changed?

“Now it’s a more mature and professional relationship. When it comes to working, setting goals, having tough conversations and preparing for tournaments, it’s a very serious relationship. Off the pitch, for example when we’re in the hotel and talking about other aspects of life, it’s a classic friendship. You just need to understand roles and context. When it comes to tennis, we are serious and professional. When we talk about life in general, we are much more relaxed. ”

What’s the biggest difference between him now and Cameron Norrie who turned pro in 2017?

“Now he is a better tennis player and physically he is completely different. A few years ago he had a lot of stamina and was very competitive, but he didn’t have many weapons. He could resist more than the opponent, he played a lot of balls and he was able to be more determined than whoever was on him. up front. Now he serves better, he is physically stronger and tries much more to control the exchange. He is a more physical and more complete player. ”

Is there any way to describe how physical his game is?

It has been a very positive season for Cameron.

“Yes, now we have to raise the bar. We must never be satisfied. We must enjoy the positive moments and prepare immediately for the next challenge”.

What do you like most about Cameron off the pitch?

“The way he treats everyone the same. It doesn’t matter if it’s Andy Murray or an Argentine friend of mine. He treats everyone the same and gives everyone the same attention. He doesn’t care who you are, but in a positive way. a very funny person. It’s nice to be with him. He always wants to have fun, to do something. He’s a normal guy. ”

“I tried to teach him Spanish but nothing, he is not really good for languages. His best friend is Chilean and has lived with him for three years. But he has learned little or nothing of Spanish. Now he knows how to order and understand. something more but he never really learned it “


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