North Korea: “extra large multiple rocket launcher system” tested – VIP News


The rocket launcher system was tested two weeks ago, according to KCNA. Also on a weapons test on Tuesday Kim gave instructions locally, wrote KCNA. The use of the system of “fighting” has been confirmed, Kim was quoted as saying.

More “launching trials” would have to follow, Kim said, without becoming more specific. But the latest test was completely in line with its purpose. By the end of August, North Korea had said it had already tested the multiple rocket launcher.

The South Korean military reported on Tuesday the shooting down of two “unidentified projectiles” in North Korea. The projectiles were fired in the province of South Pyongan and crashed after 330 kilometers into the sea. In recent weeks, North Korea has already fired several short-range missiles, despite UN resolutions banning the country from any test of ballistic missiles.

A few hours before the recent test, North Korea had declared its readiness for new negotiations with the US. The government in Pyongyang suggested resuming work-level talks at the end of September. US President Donald Trump called the message from Pyongyang “interesting”, but initially left open whether it could come soon to a meeting.

There has been no progress in talks on denuclearization in North Korea for months. Kim and US President Donald Trump met for the first time in June 2018 for a historic summit. A second meeting in February was canceled without result.

In June, Trump and Kim met for the first time in the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea. They agreed to continue talks at the working level, but they have not started to this day.


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