North Korea-Kim’s ominous threat: “The world will experience a new strategic weapon”


According to its ruler Kim Jong Un, North Korea will no longer abide by the moratorium on nuclear tests and tests on ICBMs. “There is no reason for us to feel unilaterally bound to commitments any longer,” Kim said to leading party members on Wednesday, according to the North Korean state news agency KCNA, and sends a threat afterwards.

“The world will experience a new strategic weapon” that will be in his country “in the near future”. At the same time, Kim accused the US of wasting time on its own political interests. How much North Korea is pushing its “nuclear deterrent” will depend on the attitude of the United States.

Pyongyang cannot give up future security for visible economic success and happiness and convenience in reality – now that hostile actions and the nuclear threat against his country are growing, Kim said at a meeting of his party’s central committee. North Korea had already threatened that if Washington did not make concessions in the nuclear talks, a new path would be taken.

Negotiations have stalled for almost a year

Negotiations have not progressed since Kim’s failed meeting with US President Donald Trump in Vietnam in February. The Communist government in Pyongyang had unilaterally given Washington a deadline until the end of the year. In South Korea, it is feared that North Korea may lift its moratorium on testing atomic bombs and long-range missiles.

Among other things, North Korea calls for international sanctions to be lifted. Trump rejects this. Despite three meetings and many warm words, his efforts to persuade North Korea to nuclear disarmament have been unsuccessful.


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