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A photo of the order by Kim Jong Un from August 2020 was published by the Daily NK website. According to the order, the soldiers are to “unconditionally” shoot anyone in the border buffer zone 1-2 km. The document emphasizes that also “intruders” from Russia i Chin will be “shot without warning”.

Daily NK also released a photo of a document that outlines a law that aims to “eradicate reactionary thought and culture.” Its purpose is to import and distribute Western movies, series and books. Promoting content from “hostile” countries such as Japan and the United States carries the death penalty. The new rules also apply to adult-only content.

Afghanistan. US retaliation for the attack in Kabul. “Target has been killed”

North Korea. Kim Jong Un’s new order. The United Nations intervenes

The case is being looked at by a UN commission of inquiry. “We are concerned about the policy of shooting without warning in the event of unauthorized entry into the buffer zone along the northern border,” its representatives wrote. They also added that they were also concerned about reports of the death penalty, without any prior court proceedings. “Freedom of expression and the right to participate in cultural life are guaranteed by international conventions as one of the fundamental human rights” – it was stated.

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