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North Korea to cut communication channels with its neighbor to the South

The North Korea account cut Tuesday, June 9, channels of communication, including the military, with the“enemy “ south korea, announced the State agency of north korea KCNA, after militants have threatened to send out leaflets with anti-Pyongyang in the communist country.

Pyongyang “will completely sever the link between the authorities of the North and the South “, as well as other communication channels, especially between the armed forces of the two States or between the political parties in power in Seoul and Pyongyang, a detailed KCNA. This suspension is scheduled for 12 hours local Tuesday, she added.

This threat comes at a moment when relations between the two neighbours are in a stalemate, despite three summits in 2018 between the north Korean leader Kim Jong un and south Korean president Moon Jae-in. North Korea threatened last week to close the liaison office with the South Korea and to take additional measures to make “suffer “ Seoul.

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Kim Yo-jong, an influential sister of Kim Jong-un, had also threatened to make null and void the military agreement between the two countries unless Seoul prevents activists from sending the leaflets with anti-Pyongyang. This agreement was signed in September 2018 during the visit of Moon Jae-in to Pyongyang. It is intended to ease tensions along their common border, but its provisions have not really been implemented at this stage.

“They are adding to our dismay “

Dissidents in north korea and other activists have made a habit for years of letting go to the North of the balloons loaded flyers against the balance sheet of the communist regime in the field of human rights as well as its nuclear ambitions. KCNA has estimated that the south Korean authorities were in cahoots with “hostile actions “ conducted against North Korea, “this has had for consequence to lead inter-Korean relations to catastrophe.”.

“We have come to the conclusion that there was no need to sit face-to-face with the south Korean authorities and that there was no matter to discuss with them, as they have not only fuelled our dismay “, writing agency.

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North Korea has put an end to most of its contacts with the South after the failure of the summit between Mr. Kim and the u.s. president Donald Trump in February 2019 in Hanoi (Vietnam), who left the negotiations on the north Korean nuclear stalemate. It was their second summit, after the one in Singapore in June 2018.

Pyongyang, which has nuclear weapons, is subject to numerous sanctions imposed over the years by the security Council of the united Nations because of its proscribed weapons programmes. The operations of the liaison office are already suspended because of the pandemic of novel coronavirus. And Pyongyang has carried out several trials of arms in these last few months.

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