World North Korean regime released a message from Kim Jong-un

North Korean regime released a message from Kim Jong-un

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un sent a message of thanks to a group of workers replicated by state propaganda on Monday., who has spent more than two weeks without publishing recent images of the marshal while information circulated with various conjectures about his state of health.

Kim sent a brief thank you through the country’s main newspaper, the Rodong, to those who work on the tourism project on the Kalma peninsula, in the city of Wonsan (east coast), precisely the place where satellite images have shown that his special train is parked.

The newspaper’s news piece begins by saying that Kim “has sent his thanks to the workers who have actively supported with their efforts the construction of the tourist district of Wonsan Kalma”, one of the great developments of the Pyongyang regime, which it hoped to be able to inaugurate around April before the pandemic.

The article then lists and thanks a number of people charged with overseeing the construction, logistics or healthcare of the workers, but does not mention more details about the North Korean leader.

North Korean media has reported in recent days that Kim has sent diplomatic letters or gifts.

However, They have not reported any Kim Jong-un activity on the ground or published a current image of him since April 12, when they reported on a meeting of the political bureau of the single party held the day before and chaired by the dictator.

At that meeting, the leader named his sister, Kim Yo-jong, a substitute member of that all-important executive body.

Added to this is the unusual absence of Kim Jong-un from several important events, including the events of April 15., main national holiday.

In that context, marked in turn by the coronavirus pandemic, and in the face of the traditional opacity of the North Korean regime, different media have published information, always citing anonymous sources, in which it is said that the marshal’s state of health is delicate, in many cases due to an alleged heart operation.

However, the South Korean government has ruled out the validity of this information and insisted that it has not detected any unusual activity in North Korea, while satellite images analyzed by the specialized website 38 North located the leader’s special train in Wonsan.

In turn, Moon Chung-in, special security adviser to South Korean President Moon Jae-in, said Sunday in Fox NewI know that Kim “is alive and well,” while the magazine Newsweek He said that Washington has also not detected unusual North Korean military activity.


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