Northern hospitals broke records for surgeries

S. João was the hospital that most operated in the whole country, followed by Braga. In November, SNS activity already surpassed that of previous years.

In a year strongly marked by the pandemic, several hospitals in the North broke records for surgeries in 2021. They took advantage of financial incentives to recover overdue activity, outside working hours, reorganized the times of operating theaters and some leased spaces in private and social units to improve response and reduce wait times. Braga, São João, Santo António and Gaia showed that it is possible to do more and better even in times of crisis.

At the national level, the surgical activity carried out until November (last numbers available on the SNS Portal) was above the same period in 2019, which had already been the best year ever. The Central Administration of the Health System did not provide data for 2021 in good time, but everything indicates that the national results are close or even better than those of the pre-pandemic.


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