Northern Ireland: Police are preparing for the chaos of Brexit on the Irish border


Almost 1000 English and Scottish police must prepare for possible deployment in Northern Ireland. If there is a disordered Brexit, the authorities seem to fear serious problems at the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland, a member of the European Union, as reported by the "Guardian". Specifically, it is worrying that unrest may arise as a result of agreements on a difficult border between Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The Northern Ireland Police Chiefs (PSNI) then asked for the case of a no-Brexit recruitment agreement. According to the newspaper, training for British and Scottish officials should start this month.

For training, according to the report, officials must be removed from their regular duties. Training is necessary as some of the equipment and tactics used in Northern Ireland differ from those of the rest of the Kingdom. The security authorities are also planning to increase controls across the kingdom in the event of a messy exit from the EU.

A chaotic Brexit is not unlikely. More recently, the Irish government has claimed that it needs hundreds of millions of euros of Community aid in this case. Britain is the most important market for Irish food.

In the third week of January, the British Parliament will vote on the EU exit agreement with Brussels. If the agreement is rejected, apparently so far, March 29 threatens an unregulated exit. Thousands of rules for cross-border trade and cross-border traffic between Britain and the EU would suddenly be invalidated. Border controls should be introduced.

The minister of Brexit warns about the second referendum

A few days before the British House of Commons voted on the exit agreement from the EU, Premier Brexit Stephen Barclay warned against the risks of a second referendum. "A second referendum would create even more disagreements, and Britain's current tear rate would be reduced compared to the tensions that would cause a second vote, which would further divide our nation," Barclay said in an interview. World "and other European newspapers according to the preliminary report.

A second referendum is not feasible before the European elections in late May. "Before the elections to the European Parliament, a referendum can not be held, but then there must be European elections in the United Kingdom, which means enormous democratic damage, because the citizens voted to resign, but they continue to vote again at the end of May European colleagues can not be interested in this, because this would trigger a very populist reaction ".

In addition, London will launch a large-scale information campaign next week to help citizens and businesses prepare for the worst-case scenario. "We want to implement the agreement, and I'm sure we can bring Parliament to our side, which is clearly our government's priority, but at the same time we know that there are only twelve weeks left until the release date," said Barclay.


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