Norway's MPs say Britain CAN NOT have the same deal it has with the EU


Norway's MPs say Britain Can not say the same thing has been done with the EU despite the 10 claims Cabinet members will be back in the month after the race is crushedNorway-style compromise is gaining support in Parliament as May's hopes fadeThe idea is loathed by Brexiters but may command a majority in the Commons There are many as 10 serving Cabinet ministers could endorse the ideaBut Norweigian MPs have insisted the option is not available in any event By

Tim Sculthorpe, Deputy Political Editor For Mailonline

11:20 am EST, 7 December 2018

3:50 pm EST, 7 December 2018

Norwegian MP Heidi Nordby Lunde (file) United Kingdom France may not be the same deal Cabinet ministers could back to Norway-style Brexit to break the impasse. Backstop provision.It would also protect against the EU – but it would fail to deliver on key Brexiteer promises over free movement and sovereignty.Norwegian MP Heidi Nordby Lunde told The Guardian it was 'not an option'.She said:' Really, the Norwegian option is not an option.'We have been telling you this for one and a half years since the referendum and how this works, I know that I would like to meet you in the UK.'You just expect to give you an invitation give you such an invitation.'It might be in your interest.'Despite the warning Labor MP Stephen Kinnock said the warring Brexit tribes needed to put aside their differences.Backing Norway, he said: 'We unde BBC Radio 4's Today program: "What we need the Prime Minister to do, when he loses the vote on" Down-by-the-way-to-Norwegian-style.And Norwegian-style compromise is opposed by many Eurosceptics, who believe it will amount to 'Brexit in name only' for a second referendum.

Despite the warning Labor MP Stephen Kinnock (file) said the warring Brexit tribes needed to put aside their differences There is also resistance within Europe about the possibility of an economy the size of the UK joining the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and the European Economic Area (EEA) along with Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. The People's Vote campaign, which wants a second referendum, published a dossier condemning the Norway-plus proposal.

Cabinet ministers could back to Norway-style Brexit to break the impasse if Theresa May's deal is crushed on Tuesday night In a joint foreword, Labor secretary foreigner David Miliband and Tory ex-minister Jo Johnson – who government role in November over Brexit – said: 'Norway-plus would represent a long-term commitment to the European Union's regulatory structures while choosing to be outside it.'They added that while rejoining EFTA may limit the economic would you like to represent a significant loss of power and influence? that? 'Mr Johnson said the arrangement would turn the UK into a' nation of lobbyists 'seeking to influence rules set in Brussels over which it had no say.But Tory ex-minister Nick Boles said:' Norway-pl us is a compromise that has broad appeal to the pragmatic middle.'It delivers to softish Brexit with a deal that preserves membership of the single market and keeps the union of the UK intact. '

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