Not 1,5 meters, but an admission ticket: these are the corona rules from Saturday | Inland

A corona certificate is mandatory from Saturday for everyone from 13 years old to gain access to a catering business, (sports) events or an art and culture institution. This means that visitors must be able to demonstrate that they have tested negative for the coronavirus, have recovered from Covid-19 or have been fully vaccinated against it no more than 24 hours ago.

People can show the proof in the CoronaCheck app. From the age of 14, it is necessary to show a corona admission ticket and a valid ID (identity card, passport or driver’s license). Employees have to scan the QR code of visitors and compare the data with the ID. People without a smartphone can print their corona tickets via the website

A corona proof is required here

  • Indoor catering (food and beverage outlets).
  • Casino’s;
  • Events, such as festivals, parties and performances.
  • Business events, such as a conference.
  • Audience at a professional sports match;
  • Near cultural places such as cinema, theater and concert halls.

Exceptions in the catering industry

  • if you collect from a food or drink establishment;
  • on the terrace at a food or drink establishment. If you go in for, for example, the toilet or to pay, a corona ticket is mandatory;
  • at airports after the security check;
  • care locations, such as hospitals and care homes;
  • in daytime activities for vulnerable groups in neighborhood and community centres;
  • rest areas along the main roads, such as roadside restaurants and petrol stations;
  • on international trains;
  • when staying in hotels, campsites and holiday parks. But you do need a corona ticket if you eat and/or drink in the catering or breakfast room;
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Capacity and opening times

With the corona pass, football stadiums, theaters, cinemas and other locations where it is mandatory to sit again. Events inside where people are standing are allowed with a maximum of 75 percent of the capacity.

There are still adjusted opening hours in the catering industry. The catering industry must remain closed from midnight to 6 am. There is no maximum number of visitors and no mandatory closing time for events that are held outside.

Churches & Mosques

Visitors to services of the Roman Catholic Church (RKK) and the Protestant Church in the Netherlands (PKN) do not have to show a corona ticket from Saturday after releasing the 1.5 meter rule. When attending church, no distinction is made between people who have or have not been vaccinated, said bishops of the Catholic Church.

Folk singing is also allowed in the churches from Saturday, the RKK reported this week. But then, among other things, with 1,5 meters away and in zigzag formation.

Mosque domes decide for themselves whether to let go of the distance rule. According to the Contact Body Muslims and Government (CMO), some domes release the 1.5 meters with a corona ticket. Some mosques also set up a separate area for people without such proof, where they must keep their distance.


In education, all restrictions are released. So the maximum of 75 students in lectures will be cancelled, the mask obligation in education will lapse and classes in primary education no longer have to be quarantined if one student is sick.

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face masks

Face masks in public transport, taxis and at the airports (after security) remain mandatory, but no longer need to be worn on platforms and stations. And the advice to work from home will be ‘slightly relaxed’ to ‘work at home if possible and at the office if necessary’. A registration obligation for those who do or do not have a vaccine will not be introduced in the workplace, but employers in the healthcare sector do receive permission to record it.

working from home

From September 25, the advice is to work from home if possible and to work at the office if necessary. Employers and employees can themselves make agreements about an appropriate division between work on location and at home.

Next round of relaxation

On November 1, the cabinet will look at whether the remaining measures can still be released, and the corona pass will disappear in the trash. “Then we put everything back on the sieve,” Prime Minister Rutte said earlier. “That doesn’t mean it’s over. We cannot promise that.”

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