"Not a German farmer": Gay Galkin goes to Mikhailov's lover in Germany – social networks


On the Web, Maxim Galkin was suspected in connection with the German farmer, in which the comedian visits the tour, but the artist's fans believe that Pugacheva's husband is visiting the Russian artist Stas Mikhailov in Germany.

Recently, Alla Pugacheva's wife has published a series of videos on the social network, where she talks about her tours in Germany and about life in the country in general. Galkin said that during his work visits he did not live in an expensive hotel, but in a hut with a German farmer. Many were surprised by this "hospitality", since Maxim is already a gay user on the Web, and given that Germany is the most loyal and open country for LGBT minorities, the artist was immediately suspected of being German.

But users of the Net, after analyzing a series of factors, found strange coincidences in Maxim Galkin's trip to Germany. He, like the colleague of his consort Alla Pugacheva, Stas Mikhailov, chooses the homeland Adolphe Hitler for the most frequent visits in the country, and users have seemed that there are no such coincidences. Considering that Mikhailov spends his time in Germany to a greater extent, users suggest that Russian stars could meet in an "alternative" territory.

The fact that Mikhailov is married does not confuse anyone. In addition, artists' fans are confident that both domestic stars use their spouses as a cover, and indeed there is a relationship of love between them. They believe that the singer is the "dominant" in the couple, since Maxim Galkin, also with Pugacheva, had the role of a slave, not one of the leaders.

"His lover is not a German farmer, he goes to Mikhailov, so the cockerels love Germany", "Gay Galkin goes to Mikhailov's lover in Germany, because they would already have been calculated in Russia", "Galkin and Mikhailov go often in Germany, you meet there? "," Stas and wife knows about your lover? Or are they already tired of divorces? "- write users of social networks. They believe that the long years of work in Germany can influence the "heartthrob" Mikhailov, so he overestimated his views on life, and decided to try to establish a relationship with his sex.

Users are sure that soon Galkin could even move to Mikhailov in Germany, and even "marry" him. Pugacheva's husband, who has long been nicknamed "gay" by fans, hesitates to reveal his desire for men, so Germany will be a real "paradise" for him.



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