“Not a peso for that girl” Diario Expreso

José Joel, son of José José, spoke for the first time about the properties that would be stipulated in the will where his mother Anel Noreña appears as the universal heir to the singer’s property, which includes two properties located in the United States, including the house where Sarita lives. Sosa and her mother.

“There are not that many either, as far as we know it is the apartment in Miami and then the house that the girl (Sara) made him buy where they are all stuck and stuck with payments right now,” he explained.

Regarding the royalties for the more than 300 hits of his father and that in 2010 were in the hands of the Sony Music record company, he said: “The moment this girl (Sara) took my father to Mexico as He took it, in front of my sister, of his record company, of Laurita, his representative, the same record company says: ‘they freeze everything, not a peso for this girl’, not even for the man who is not in conditions right now. Once they said that the universal heir is my mother, they said: ‘perfect, fix the necessary documentation and here we are waiting for you’, and that’s where we are ”.

In addition to these properties, it is estimated that José José left an inheritance of one and a half million dollars paid by Televisa for the production of a series of his life.

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