“Not a sidme place”. Cristiano Ronaldo directly about cooperation with Ralf Rangnick Pika nona

Ralf Rangnick works in Manchesterze United from December 3, 2021, when he replaced the fired Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. So far, the Red Devils have lost one match under the leadership of a new coach – more specifically 0: 1 with Wolverhampton Wanderers. After Ralf Rangnick’s arrival, the team tries to put emphasis on high pressing, w the result what the playstyle changes, and that doesn’t affect it for the best Cristiano Ronaldo.

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The great comeback of Cristiano Ronaldo. “He couldn’t have wished it better”

Cristiano Ronaldo directly about the weaker disposition of Manchester United. “Lack of the Right Mentality”

Cristiano Ronaldo spoke to Sky Sports before returning to play in Premier League. The Portuguese admitted that he is not satisfied with the current form Manchester United. “It’s impossible to reduce your loss to the top without the right mentality. We can make a difference, I even know how. I didn’t come here to compete for fifth, sixth or seventh place. I want to win and compete for the highest goals. We have a long way to improve. but we can achieve great things, “he said.

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Ronaldo also referred to working with Ralphem Rangnickiem and rumors that he is not found in the system German coach and is considering leaving the club. “Ralf has arrived five weeks at the club and has already changed a lot of things, but needs time to present his ideas to the team. I believe he will do a good job, but it takes time. Maybe we are not playing the best game. football, but there are many matches ahead of us to make some concrete progress, “he adds Portuguese.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored 14 goals in 22 matches, and as many as 12 of them he recorded in the games of the Red Devils under the leadership Ole Gunnara Solskjaera. How does the attacker judge the breakup with Norwegian trainer? “It’s always sad and difficult because Ole played with me before, and now he was a coach. When things do not go as the club wants, he has to change something. We have to understand this decision of the authorities, it was not easy,” Ronaldo said.

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