Not adhering to the singer’s career, Kong Huai Rai opens the Elena Cafe area. Helping artists who lost their jobs

Kong Huai Rai opens the area Elena Cafe Helping the singer Mo Lam lose his job, sell things, make money, reminding artists, celebrities should not take a single career.

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Sympathy for colleagues who lost their jobs during the Covid famous country singer Kong Huai Rai thus giving the artists an opportunity to earn income by opening up their own space “Elena Cafe” in Sakon Nakhon Province to sell things, have money to spend during the absence of work by Kong Huai Rai, who attended the press conference, watched the movie “Buck Watermelon” at Major Cineplex Ratchayothin gave an interview about that he has helped his brothers and sisters in their careers in times of crisis Ready to warn the younger generation Should not take only one career as a singer-songwriter.

The last post seemed to be neglectful in the profession. will turn into a merchant what happened? “No, it is true that in every era, artists, singers, no matter how big you are, no one is born to be a legend. It’s the words of Ohm Cocktail. I feel good about this statement. That is, we should not expect a single career that exists. We have to find a way for our lives to go on. To be honest, I haven’t seen any star artist who can be employed for the next 30-40 years and so on. Very few are able to stand in the industry. Don’t let the acting career make us look like I’m not going to leave it. I will only do this job. I won’t do another job. I’m an artist and I’m not going to trade. Not going to work as a laborer, this is not possible. So I posted to encourage myself and to the new generation that there is no certainty in the world, no matter how famous you are. How famous will it be? It will only be for a period of time. In the end, it’s time for everyone to be forgotten. No one is a legend.”

the past Jobs disappeared too. So you look at this point? “Yes, I think this epidemic has taught us in ourselves that There really is no certainty in the world. In our thriving days, many of my artist brothers and sisters are becoming famous. I’m hiring want to have a better life Went to buy a house and bought a car. As soon as I encountered the situation of covid 3 years in a row, we saw friends. We can’t post anymore. The money to pay for the car and the house is starting to become unbearable and worried and we feel that we have to fight each other. We don’t think that there is only one career. Everyone should have multiple careers.”

Faced with this situation, how do we encourage ourselves?I use the soccer field at my house. It is a center for unemployed people, dancers, molam, villagers to sell things in the field with all their income. Okay, it’s going to take some investment because if you want to build a landmark, you have to build something. From a normal football field, there was a cafe, a place to eat, and one of the lucky ones was the emergence of a new tourist attraction, Tham Naka at Bueng Kan, which is a road from Udon Thani that made the villagers, my artists brothers and sisters have careers together. At least we can’t starve, we can’t sell things, but the things we sell are still food for us to eat without being a burden to our family.”

Villagers earn income from the fact that we open the area for them to sell? “Okay, okay? but not the main income If anyone lives in Isaan, money 10 20 50 baht can buy rice. Buy a mackerel and make it into chili paste and eat it for the whole family. because we have rice We are already farming. We have vegetables. But if there is no money. There is no income at all, it cannot be.”

Then we will go to become merchants. What are you looking to sell? “I might be the best singer who sells the best sweets in the universe. The future cannot be said. See the news often, wanting to cheer up for the artists brothers and sisters, fans, fans, fans to cheer them on as well. In fact, the career of artists, stars that we see say that celebrities fall, celebrities are sick, singers don’t have to eat anymore. Really main income. It’s not a lot. If we really know him That is, one job, we do not receive money alone. You have to manage a whole bunch of things. We cannot be punished alone. blame yourself Some people use the wrong money. It’s also an encouragement to them. At least he once made us happy.”

Have you planned what to do? “I planned to become a merchant making products for sale. And it’s a better center to encourage friends because the impact is different. can’t blame the epidemic can’t blame others We also have to stand on our own. So we planned that if our morale was still good We are still physically active. I want to be a center for friends that we fight We don’t have to sing alone. It is not necessary to film a drama alone. One day, we went to sell papaya salad and got a lot of cool money. Better than being a burden to society. Suddenly, go post and ask for money from fans to help me. Where do fans get their money from? The fans work as well. I want the artist brothers to think about this as an important matter as well.

Previously, the Elena Cafe area was hit by a storm? “Yes, neglected. It was a summer storm. If we are cousins, he encourages him. If we are discouraged, many The life that we have left with us. There are many bands. Mo Lam band. You can stop by to eat with them at I-Leena Cafe. Delicious or not delicious depends on the luck, depending on the day. The merchants really open the internet (laughs), meaning they don’t know what to do. I think selling things that sell food and what we have. And when I encountered the impact at that time, I said that it’s okay. We still have money to collect from before there was covid. Thanks a lot Support people are employed in the beginning.”

such as various sales channels Did we support him in using social media as part of helping him sell things? “Yes, I try to find activities because our house is really quiet. It doesn’t have any activity. At this time, I would like to ask the elders to be an activity that is not a concert. because the concert is a high risk opportunity is a sports activity At least it’s a local sport for people in the area to come to the football stadium. Use social media to call people Today we have a volleyball game. Relying on volleyball players to buy food and water on the court and money flows in there.”

ask about children How are you? “When last semester was the first time I spent my life with two children with a divorced ex-wife, I saw four children. We are a father of four. Four children live together and they love each other. we are happy I didn’t expect anything from my children. Don’t be a burden to society. People might expect that as a child, the father must be good at singing, must be good at studying, no, don’t be a burden to society enough.”

How often do you see your 2 children? “Not often Show respect for your family as well. The ex-wife’s family because sometimes we don’t want to interfere. If he is happy and wants the youngsters to come and play with us, then better come. don’t put pressure on each other But he’s comfortable.”

What about the other 2 younger siblings and their current wife? “Growing up and speaking a foreign language. I try to understand but it’s hard to understand Now the grown-up kids are from YouTube. Mom and Dad have little time with them. try to stay close Afraid to scroll to meet the media that is strong just a little bit In the end, it’s up to him how he will live his life. In the end, we only give the body. The mind belongs to him.”

Will there be more? “Oh, four people already (laughs). Better yet. Better to brake first.”

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