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TRUMP: Already in January, Donald Trump held his first public meeting of the year.

There has been a storm around Donald Trump even after he lost the election in 2020. Now he is starting his well-known public meetings in several states before the by-elections.


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Former US President Donald Trump has recently held new public meetings. It is his foundation, according to researcher and US expert Hilmar Mjelde.

– The public meetings are the very foundation of Trump’s political career. His political power rests to a large extent on the direct bond with the fans that he maintains with these public meetings, and Trump definitely still has great political ambitions, says Mjelde.

On Saturday night (local time), Trump held one of his famous public meetings in Ohio. One of the states he won in 2020.

In good election campaign mode, it could sound as if the United States was already in ruins, when Trump spoke to the many supporters present.

– The economy has crashed, shootings, stabbings, rapes and carjackings are skyrocketing, he continued.

He also spoke out against immigration to the United States:

– We no longer have a border, our country is being invaded. “It’s an invasion of millions of illegal immigrants from all over the world, and left-wing psychopaths,” Trump said.

Election campaign for 2022 and 2024

The goal of the public meetings is to increase support for the Republicans before next year’s by-elections. But also to gather votes for the next presidential election, says Mjelde.

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– This is partly Trump who is running both the 2022 and 2024 election campaign. After all, this autumn’s Republican congressional candidates are largely hand-picked by Trump. And these party colleagues will become important supporters when he, by all accounts, stands for election again, explains Mjelde.

Was not invited to hold public meetings

The party member Trump showed up to show his support for in Ohio is congressional candidate JD Vance.

This happens 50 days before the by-election.

New York Times writes that Donald Trump was not invited by Vance to hold a public meeting in Ohio.

The same thing happened two weeks ago, when he was in Pennsylvania to meet the people and support Mehmet Oz. Nor had he invited Trump there.

The newspaper writes that some Republicans are not so enthusiastic about attending Donald Trump’s public meetings.

Trump’s hijacking leadership should simply just inform them that he is coming.

– Partly this is also political entertainment. The Trump rallies remind me of Elton John and the Rolling Stones who still tour and play old hits to a devoted fan base. I think Trump will hold these rallies even after he is done in politics, and entertain with talk about the “Russia hoax” and other hits, says Mjelde.

The governor does not show up

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine was scheduled to attend Trump’s rally. But he didn’t get the chance to do that.

DeWine is busy with a cross-country race, in which three of his grandchildren will participate. This is happening at the same time as Trump’s public meeting.

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Whether DeWine will meet Trump in Ohio, or whether Lt. Governor Jon Husted will attend the rally, DeWine’s campaign has not responded.

According to DeWine has not attended a Trump rally in years.

Another attempt to become president

Hilmar Mjelde is quite sure that Donald Trump will make an attempt to become US president again.

– Trump only needs to maintain the support of a third of the primary voters to win the nomination in 2024. Which I am quite sure that Trump has already decided to go for, says Mjelde.

Other Republican candidates, Mjelde believes, are treading water, while they hope that Trump will somehow disappear from politics.

– Ron DeSantis has slightly better odds, he is the only possible challenger Trump has as of today, says Mjelde.

FLORIDA: Ron DeSantis is one of those who can challenge Trump.

Super secret documents found

In connection with the deadly storming of Congress on January 6, 2021, Donald Trump has come under close scrutiny.

The investigation has revealed that Trump has had top secret documents at his Florida estate.

The documents must have contained information about another country’s military defense and nuclear weapons capacity. Which country is in question is not known.

The documents are said to have been so strictly secret that only the president, or two other close government employees, can approve that others should know about them.

18 months after he stepped down as president, the documents were still kept at Trump’s estate.

Correction: In an earlier edition of this case, an incorrect translation of the English term “aliens” was made, this was corrected on September 18 at 05:59 to “illegal immigrants”.

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