Not at all "beautiful": Rewe remembers the Youtube-Star pizza for questionable reasons


Cologne –

In fact, "Concrafter", as defined by Youtuber Luca Scharpenberg, is known for his "Let & # 39; s Plays" videos of comedies and vlogs.

At the same time, however, the influencer is trying to get his pizza on the market. After a Margherita version last year, it should now be a "ham". One with ham, then. The peculiarity: the pizza is black, the dough has been mixed with activated charcoal.

Since mid-October, it is already available, Luca has accompanied the launch – of course – with videos on Youtube, Edeka Südwest has also changed advertising through Facebook. On the company's homepage, Luca writes: "With this 1 fresh pizza we hit the bullseye". The pizza seems "very light".

But now there is a problem, and this is not "enlightened": the producer Franco Fresco must remember a part of the pizzas with the label "Gustavo Gusto I like Pizza Prosciutto", explains the company on the their website.

There could be "transparent plastic parts" on the pizzas.

The pizzas can be returned to any market

It concerns the tranche with lot number 288 and the expiry date before 13.05.2019. Deliveries were made to the Rewe stores in Bavaria, Hessen and Rhineland-Palatinate. Customers could return the affected pizzas in each market and get the purchase price back, he said. The pizza has already been removed from the sale.

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The company also provided the reason for the plastic parts on the food on the homepage: "Unfortunately, a colleague unnoticed a plastic cup in the production of homemade tomato sauce has fallen into a jar and torn to pieces.

"We sincerely apologize"

Obviously we immediately all 5 locked locked pallets. Unfortunately, there was a misunderstanding on a pallet. An impeccable pallet has been blocked and another has been placed on the market. "

The company kindly asks customers to "apologize".

Luca, however, has not yet responded to the episode.




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