Not everyone knows that sushi chopsticks can be reused in this way

Sushi chopsticks are a characteristic tool of oriental cuisine and can be reused very easily as they are made entirely of wood.

Even if their function is that of the classic disposable, sushi chopsticks can be reused in various creative ways and do it yourself.

Avoiding waste is possible. The wooden chopsticks cannot be reused a second time for food, as the wood absorbs and is unlikely to be able to sanitize them. But with a little imagination they can have other uses.

Not everyone knows that sushi chopsticks can be reused in this way

The first idea that comes to mind is to use them as fermacapelli. With a little creativity and a few ribbons and beads you can create a perfect one fermacapelli perfect for any occasion.

Also for plants they can be an excellent ally. As with orchids, there is always a need for support for the stem which becomes heavy during flowering.

Create a jewel case wall can be a breeze. All you need is some ribbon or twine and sticks. With the ribbon, tie the two ends of the wand and do the same operation by applying the other wand above at the desired distance and tying the ribbon at the end where the jewelry box will be hung. On the first wand you can place the earrings and on the last also the necklaces.

The wooden sticks, as mentioned above, absorb a lot and for this they can be reused as excellent diffusers of scented essences, soaking them in water with a few drops of essential oils.

For the more creative, there will be ideas like i coasters. Easy to make by cutting the chopsticks in two, a little glue and intertwining with colored thread, you will create special coasters. With the same system you can make real bathroom accessories, such as a soap holder or embellish candles with the help of a little rope to be woven around.

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