Not just telling Bharada E to shoot Brigadier J, it turns out that Ferdy Sambo did this when the victim surrendered

TRIBUN-TIMUR.COM – Bharada E shooter Brigadier J now has the courage to expose Irjn’s evil behavior Ferdy Sambo.

Bharada E was unable to continue his story when he said Brigadier J squatted down and resigned himself to being grabbed Ferdy Sambo at the office.

Before being finished, Brigadier J was asked to squat first by Ferdy Sambo.

Bharada E then opened fire on the orders of the Inspector General Ferdy Sambo.

Moreover, it is said that Ferdy Sambo also pulling hair Brigadier J.

Everything was disclosed by Boerhanuddin on Thursday (11/8/2022), before he and Deolipa Yumara were fired as attorneys for Bharada E.

According to Boerhanuddin, there are indications that the murder had been planned since Brigadier J escorted Putri Candrawathi from Magelang, Central Java.

The reason was that Putri Candrawathi had cried when she called Bharada E and Bripka’s aide Ricky Rizal alias Bripa RR who was later suspected of being the background of the incident.

“Maybe there is a planning scheme for the trip,” said Boerhanuddin in the Indonesia Lawyers Club YouTube show, Friday (12/8/2022).

According to Boerhanuddin, as soon as Putri Candrawathi’s entourage arrived in Jakarta, Inspector General Ferdy Sambo immediately ordered Bripka Ricky Rizal to look for firearms belonging to Brigadier J.

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