Not only 1, the HPV vaccine can be used for several types of cancer

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Not only cervical cancer, Chairman of the Indonesian Gynecological Oncology Association (HOGI), Andrijono, said the human papillomavirus vaccine (HPV) can prevent more than one type of cancer in humans.

“Injection vaccine HPV can prevent some cancers, not just cervical. This is very profitable,” said Andrijono.

Andrijono said the HPV vaccine, apart from preventing cervical cancer, could also prevent vulvar cancer, vaginal cancer, oral cancer, and anal cancer. He said HOGI has been struggling for 12 years to include HPV vaccination in the national vaccination program because, so far, 64 countries in the world have included it in the national vaccination program.

“Now in Indonesia, the HPV program has been running. Hopefully in a short time we will see that we are in a country that carries out national vaccinations,” he said.

Based on the HOGI study through screening of 1,000 women in Indonesia, one of them was confirmed to have cervical cancer. “If in Indonesia there are 60 million women at high risk, the data is actually around 60 thousand people,” he said.

According to Andrijono, until now there are still 85 percent of women with advanced stages of cervical cancer. “Our data is also the latest, an average of 93.9 percent died within 2 years. If a patient comes with an advanced stage, it can be estimated that he will die in two years. Only 7 percent can survive more than 2 years,” he said.

HOGI encourages the government to carry out HPV vaccination for elementary school children in the age range of 9-13 years in order to accelerate to achieve the target of eliminating cervical cancer by 2030.

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“If we don’t start with national vaccination, I’m afraid that 2030, which has been proclaimed as the elimination of cervical cancer, we can’t achieve and I’m very afraid. cervical cancer only in Indonesia, not in other countries,” he explained.

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