Not only walking but also this activity makes you lose weight and strengthens the heart while preserving the joints

For many, playing sports is a real effort, mental even before physical. Yet, science says, without too many words, that doing physical activity consistently is one of the best habits if we want to stay healthy. This doesn’t mean that you need to train like a soldier to feel good. Regular exercise at moderate intensity is sufficient. Many find the right compromise in walking, underestimating the bicycle. Not only walking but also this activity makes you lose weight and strengthens the heart, preserving the joints from wear and fatigue. One studio, shared by the experts of the Veronesi Foundation, highlights the advantages of cycling on our body. Let’s see together what they are.

Not only walking but also this activity makes you lose weight and strengthens the heart while preserving the joints

Not just a physical activity, but a real entertainment that can involve the whole family: this is cycling. Pedaling can make fatigue sweeter and, above all, repay our efforts with positive adaptations of our organism. The first muscle to benefit from it is undoubtedly the heart. Subjected to the constant effort to which the bicycle forces, the heart muscle strengthens and increases its resistance. Consequence of cardiac invigoration is the lowering of heart rate and, therefore, of blood pressure. This is why cycling can be seen as a completely natural anti-hypertensive.

Cycling also affects proper venous circulation, helping to reduce any swelling in the legs. At the same time, cycling also helps you lose weight quickly (more than walking if done with variations in pace and intensity). A slow pedaling pace consumes 4 calories per kilo per hour. Therefore, if we weigh 70 kilos, in an hour we will burn up to 280 calories without making inhuman efforts. All this without compromising the health of our joints.

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The position that does not hurt the joints

The bicycle also has another peculiarity. The position in which you pedal is not risky for those suffering from particular joint disorders, such as low back pain. In fact, most of the body weight rests on the seat and not on the knees, ankles and femur. For this reason it is also an activity suitable for the over 60s, which often begin to complain of joint problems. If we have never played sports or are very out of practice, however, we still need to be cautious. It is good to start slowly, perhaps equipping ourselves with a heart rate monitor with which to monitor our efforts and witness the improvements.


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