Not surprisingly, there is now a petition to bring Windows 10X to Surface Duo


After years of potential existence, and then approaching reality, Microsoft has finally revealed the legendary Surface phone, even if it doesn't want you to call it a phone, Surface Duo. Unlike its big brother, the Neo, this device does not work on Windows 10X. It doesn't actually work on any type of Windows, and this has made some people angry.

A petition on has begun to urge the Redmond giant to reconsider its position on the Duo and offer a variant based on Windows 10X, along with the current Android-based iteration. The introductory part of the petition states the following:

The recently announced Surface Duo with Android SOLO does not meet the expectations of many Windows UWP developers and Microsoft fans. We want a Surface Duo device that runs the new Windows 10x operating system and emulates Android apps.

Although the phrasing was a little vague on stage, it seems that the Duo is actually powered by Android – even if it is a customized variant -, like Panos Panay he said in a recent interview. The manager said that Google's operating system is what the company will use for "mobile devices" and that "anything above that, everything is Windows." It is not clear where the company draws the line between mobile and non-mobile devices, since one of the key ideas of the Surface line, since its revision in 2012, has been mobility.

As for the petition, one of the reasons given is Microsoft's promise of a code base with its UWP initiative, which would allow the execution of an app on any device, including those like the Duo. The reasoning is that the execution of Android apps emulated on Windows would entail the same thing as the current strategy, though not breaking the promises made with the debut of the Universal Windows Platform.

At the time of writing this article, the petition has a total of 40 signatures.

Thanks Ransom Peer for the information!

Want a Windows-based Surface Duo? If so, what is the advantage according to you? Play in the comments section below!



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