Not to be believed! Famous actress of Televisa rejected the inheritance of María Félix

Mexico City.-In a recent interview withThe soap opera showthe renowned first actress of Televisa,Ofelia Médina, confessed that in his youthrejected the inheritancefrom the famous and beloved Sonoran actress,Maria Felix.

Throughout her career María, known as ‘La Doña’, reaches unsuspected levels of fame, becoming a figure and model to follow and not only for her talent but for her statements extolling the female gender, which undoubtedly also left her millions of pesos.

But it seems that for Médina none of that mattered since she refused to be part of the Felix legacy by rejecting Maria’s son on more than one occasion,Enrique Álvarez Félix, who tried to convince her by offering her all of her mother’s inheritance just months after having formed one of the most classic couples in the soap operaQuarrelin 1977.

Months after the novel Enrique proposed to me, he told me why we were not getting married, that it would be beautiful. I told him that it was the greatest compliment they had ever done to me, but that I do not believe in marriage and I would not have married him, “Ofelia said.

He refused and did not stop Enrique and shortly afterwards invited her to a dinner with María and when she finished and ‘La Doña’ left the table he offered to put at her disposal everything her mother left when she died.

He invited me to dinner with his mother and after María left, he said: ’everything about her is going to be yours’, but I said thank you very much, no,” he concluded.

What would you have done in the place of Ofelia Médina, would you have accepted or rejected the proposal?

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